Business Immigration Can be Stressful. Here’s How To Take The Pressure Off

As business becomes more international, it has become increasingly necessary for companies to move their employees across international borders. Business travel spending is expected to rise to $1.4 trillion in 202, and 74% of employers believe that mobility is critical to business continuity — whether establishing a new international office, securing a high-stakes client, or deploying specialized personnel to a critical project.

However, navigating the complexities of business immigration can be a complex and stressful endeavor for all parties involved — from the corporate sponsors to the employees who have to travel and the mobility teams responsible for facilitating these transitions. 

Through years of working with mobility professionals and businesses, we have seen the immense pressure that can arise from navigating the immigration system for business travel. We wanted to discuss some of the reasons for this and how companies can mitigate the burden as much as possible. Let’s dive in.

Business travel can be a burden on corporate sponsors and mobility professionals

For corporate sponsors, the urgency of relocating key personnel often stems from strategic business objectives. The pressure can mount as timelines tighten, and unexpected delays in the immigration process can have far-reaching consequences, including financial losses, missed opportunities, and reputational damage. Outdated business travel management costs businesses up to 15 percent of employees’ time and around $12,000 per year per traveler. Compounding this pressure is the ever-changing landscape of immigration regulations, which can vary across jurisdictions and shift unexpectedly. 

Coordinating complex visa applications and potentially moving a large number of employees at once while remaining compliant is a huge endeavor. Anticipating and mitigating potential roadblocks is also important to avoid delays that can cost the business money. Corporate sponsors and mobility teams have vast responsibilities, and their workload is often unrelenting. They have to organize the trip, including all the logistics, and make sure that all necessary visa paperwork is acquired and each employee’s work permit is processed on time. 

Aside from affecting the business, visa delays or difficulties can lead to stress for employees and their families, which only adds to the overall pressure.

Business travel can also be difficult for employees

While the mobility team is wrestling with the logistics of the work trip, the employees tasked with relocating internationally, temporarily, or on a longer assignment face different pressures. Relocating to a new country can be an emotionally taxing and challenging experience overall, as can navigating the immigration process beforehand. Employers also have to consider the well-being of the employee and potential family members, including partners and children. This can be stressful for everyone involved if it isn’t handled smoothly.

Business travel has demonstrable negative effects on employees’ mental and physical health, including exhaustion, stress, homesickness, and anxiety. In a study by World Bank Group, 75% of the staff reported high or very high stress directly related to business travel. Studies have also shown that accompanying partners experience heightened anxiety and emotional distress during international assignments, often exacerbated by language barriers, lack of support networks, and the need to put careers on hold. These emotional burdens have been found to significantly impact the productivity and well-being of the employee, underscoring the importance of comprehensive support mechanisms.

Realistically, with so much to manage, mobility teams aren’t always able to spend as much time making sure that business travel is a tolerable experience for the employee and family. A lot of time and energy has to be spent making sure business travel logistics are met, such as processing visas and documentation. This is why working with a trusted immigration partner can ease the burden of business travel for everyone involved.

Working with an expert immigration document partner can take the pressure off business travel

Working with an immigration partner can alleviate some of the burdens of business travel. By taking on a significant portion of the stress, companies, and their employees can focus on doing a good job without the added burdens.

A good documentation partner can support business travel in several ways:

1. Help clients secure business visitor visas worldwide

Obtaining appropriate work visas for business travelers is an initial challenge. Each country has specific rules and documentation requirements that non-experts can easily make mistakes with. By partnering with experts, travel companies can guide clients through visa application procedures and ensure accurate and timely submission of documentation. They can also monitor application status and provide crucial updates.

2. Coordinate legalization or authentication of documents 

Depending on the country and visa type, documents like academic certificates, birth certificates, etc. may need legalization or authentication. This could involve obtaining an apostille or other certification. Travel consulting firms can simplify this process for clients by partnering with experts familiar with document authentication worldwide, saving time and money.

3. Provide document translation services

Some required documents, such as diplomas or criminal records, may need certified translation if they are in a different language than the destination country’s. Rather than working with multiple translators, companies can partner with a single professional translation service provider to offer a complete package, ensuring high standards for visa document translations.

By leveraging expertise and cutting-edge technology, a good business travel consultant can streamline processes, enhance efficiencies, and reduce workload.

These services allow mobility teams to offload administrative complexities, lower pressure, and focus on what can drive their organizations’ global mobility programs forward. 

Navigate business travel and immigration with Lex Documents

The landscape of business travel is witnessing a resurgence, and as companies and law firms gear up for increased travel, ensuring a seamless immigration documentation and business visa process becomes increasingly important. 

By working with an expert immigration documentation and business visa partner like Lex Documents, who can handle everything from document procurement and legalization, to translations, and business travel visas across Europe and the globe, your company will be best placed to navigate the evolving landscape of business travel.


We partner with companies, mobility professionals, and firms to simplify visa and international document procedures.


Our team can explore comprehensive solutions that align with the changing needs of the industry. Contact us to find out how Lex Documents can help you and your business.

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