Delays Expected Due to Sudden Replacement of Online Filing System

  • The situation

    Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) announced on July 2 that online applications and transactions on the current online filing system will temporarily cease starting July 4 until the system is replaced by a new integrated online system on July 9.


    • Applicants have until the close of business on July 3 to complete their current online transactions. Thereafter, the system will not accept online applications or transactions until the new system goes live.
    • Work Permit applications submitted on or before the close of business on July 3 will eventually be migrated to the new integrated online system for continued processing.
    • The temporary outage is expected to cause delays due to the projected influx of new applications. Moreover, the surge in online transactions and potential technical issues before and after the system replacement may cause additional complications.


    The new system is likely a collaboration between the MOM and the Directorate General of Immigration (DGI) to replace MOM’s current system.

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