Common Global Business Travel Documents, and How to Simplify Translation and Authentication

Navigating the complex web of international travel document requirements can make business trips daunting. Knowing what paperwork is necessary, how to obtain it, and which authentication regulations must be met are all essential steps for any company sending employees abroad. Any missteps can result in delays or even visa denial.


In order for the country to accept documents as part of the individual’s visa (or other) application, those necessary documents usually need to be legalized with an apostille or authentication certificate. And if the documents are in a foreign language, then they may also need to be translated. These translations may also need to be certified. 


Learn more about the documentation required for international business travel, as well as the authentication and translation process below.


Common documents companies need for global business travel

When it comes to business travel, documentation is always needed. These documents could be anything from a birth certificate to a marriage certificate, passport copies, or even a diploma. They may also need to be translated and legalized. And this type of documentation is almost always required for work visas for an employee to attend a conference, carry out market research, successfully open a new office in another country or more.


Basic information on the requirements can usually be found on government websites. For example, for those traveling from the US to another country that requires an authenticated document, the US Department of State has an entire page on authentication requirements and one on apostille requirements depending on the destination country.


Being prepared with proper documentation is key when undertaking an international relocation or business trip. Here are some of the common documents businesses may need to procure and legalize when preparing for global business travel:


Police clearance certificates

A Police Clearance Certificate is an official document that confirms your criminal record. It may be mandatory for business travelers to obtain a police clearance certificate prior to entering some countries.


Diplomas/education certificates 

Some countries will require authenticated proof of your education, which also may need to be translated depending on the issuing country. You may need to submit copies of all your college and post-graduate degrees if you hold multiple degrees.


Business letter of invitation

If the individual is carrying out work for a company in another country, they may need to provide a letter of invitation. This is often an official document stating the terms and duration of the work involved, often on company or other official letterhead.


Power-of-Attorney documentation

If you’re going to set up a company in the US or elsewhere, you may be asked to provide a Power-of-Attorney certificate. This allows someone else to legally act on your behalf if necessary. Since the person you assign a power-of-attorney can handle various tasks, including document signings and financial decisions, this documentation often needs to be notarized, apostilled or otherwise certified.


Birth certificates

A legalized birth certificate may be required for some visas. Birth certificates are usually obtained from the Civil Registry and can provide another form of identification other than a passport. 


While these are many more documents required for global business travel and immigration, especially for specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical and others, this list should show you at least some examples of the kind of documentation that’s often needed for travel, and that just as often needs to be authenticated, translated, and the translation authenticated as well.


Documents may also need to be legalized and translated for global business visas

Understanding what documents are required by each country and which must be translated and authenticated is a complicated process. Different countries have different requirements, and consulate websites can be difficult to navigate. 


Ultimately, the government wants to know that the submitted documents are authentic, so it will likely require them to be authenticated or apostilled. The apostille process typically includes a single stamp or certificate attached to a required document after it has been notarized. This means a notary has signed it to make it legal.


Some countries — such as China, Dubai, and Canada — will require authentication rather than an apostille. Instead of a single apostille, the notarized document will require several authentication certificates, which can vary by the destination country.


On top of this, foreign language documents will need to be translated, and that translated copy will often also need to be certified. Some countries require that the original document and the certified translation both be provided and legalized. If a company is sending employees to multiple countries, this would mean working with several different approved translators and public officials for the legalization process – this process can quickly become time-consuming. Getting the right global immigration documentation is a complex process with a wide margin for error which can cause delays or even visa denial.


Luckily there is an easier way: working with an experienced and specialized immigration document partner that can provide document legalization and authentication, and offers official translation services and guarantees that those translations will be delivered to the highest professional standard and in a timely fashion.


Lex Documents is the go-to for global business travel document legalization and translation.

Lex Documents offers both official and sworn document translation and legalization services, so that you don’t have to coordinate, negotiate and work with numerous companies in different languages around the world to get the job done. Our experienced and knowledgeable team offers everything you need with one point of contact.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your international business document translation!

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