Legalizing Diplomas for Saudi Work Visa – Everything You Need To Know

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become an attractive destination for skilled professionals, with the country’s growing economy and recently launched residency programs to attract top talent and investment. 


For companies venturing into the dynamic world of Saudi Arabia’s workforce, despite Saudi Arabia recently joining the Hague Convention, navigating the work visa process can be complex. One often-overlooked challenge lies in the very specific diploma legalization process. Unlike most countries, securing a work visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) demands a dedicated procedure of diploma officiating, requiring a thorough understanding of specific agencies and regulations. 


We’re going to talk about how to get diplomas officiated for a Saudi Arabian work visa and how companies can ensure a smooth and successful visa application for their skilled professionals.


Why is diploma legalization often required for work visas?

Most work visa applications worldwide require the individual or company to prove the applicant has the necessary skills for the designated role, particularly for technical roles. However, not all universities have the same programs, so in order for embassies to be sure that the person whose visa is being applied for indeed has the required skills and education, they look at their diplomas. This provides tangible proof that the individual can do the required job.


The embassy will usually look at the individual’s diplomas and sometimes even their diploma descriptions from their hometown university. These are normally in the person’s native language, so these diplomas and program descriptions may need to be translated and legalized before the embassy can review them to ensure they are real and legitimate.


Some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, have a more rigorous approach to this verification process. Recognizing the diverse array of academic programs universities offer worldwide, KSA has stringent measures to ensure the applicant’s credentials align perfectly with the visa requirements and mitigate any potential fraud. 


What is the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission?

Even though Saudi Arabia is now part of The Hague Convention, a standard apostille or authentication process for your diploma is insufficient to gain approval for a work visa. For applicants in technical fields, the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM) is the sole authority entrusted with verifying and officiating diplomas. 


Established in 1951, the SACM is a specialized agency that safeguards the quality and accuracy of professional and educational credentials. It offers several services, including non-Saudi Diploma Attestation, which provides companies, government agencies, and academic institutions with a streamlined and reliable process that enables candidates to apply for visas successfully.


What is the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission’s process for diploma authentication for a Saudi work visa?

When it comes to diploma authentication, the SACM meticulously analyzes the content and level of the educational program, comparing it to predetermined KSA standards for the specific technical discipline. This ensures the applicant’s qualifications align with the required skill set for the desired job. Then, through direct collaboration with issuing universities, the SACM authenticates the diploma’s genuineness and confirms the graduate’s academic record. This step eliminates any concerns about fraudulent documents or inflated grades. 


On successful evaluation and verification, the SACM issues a crucial document – an official certificate acknowledging the diploma’s validity and its relevance to the visa application. If your degree cannot be attested, you will not be eligible for a Saudi Arabia work visa, as the Consulate cannot issue visas without this requirement.


It’s important for companies that want to send skilled workers to KSA to know about this specific authentication process and ensure they follow it accurately to avoid delays or visa denials. Because each process step requires communication with various entities, leaving plenty of time for this process is important. 


Companies can also consider working with a document partner experienced with Saudi work visas to ensure the process is handled smoothly and with all necessary documentation procured and translated.


Lex Documents can streamline the Saudi work visa diploma authentication process

Lex Documents handles the entire official paperwork process, eliminating the burden for companies and expediting the application timeline. We can help you procure the necessary documents, provide official translations where needed, and submit them for official authentication with SACM.


By leveraging Lex Documents’s expertise, companies can confidently navigate the intricacies of the Saudi work visa process, ensuring a smooth and successful journey for their skilled workers. 

Contact us and avoid any problems with your Saudi Arabia diploma legalization!

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