When Are White Glove Immigration Documentation Services Needed for Law Firms and Corporate Clients?

In today’s global business environment, companies operating across multiple countries often encounter difficulties handling the necessary immigration paperwork. This can be because they have a high volume of employees who frequently travel for business or high-level executives who require a white glove service for their international travel. These challenges often include complex or large-scale document procurement, legalization, and communication with multiple embassies and other service providers. 


It’s important to use technology to help corporate clients that have high volume immigration with immigration documentation services.


But there’s also a need for bespoke, white-glove immigration documentation services for high-level executives, including corporate directors, business owners, or high-net-worth individuals.


That’s what this article is about – the importance of providing personalized solutions to corporate clients. Let’s explore some real-life examples of how this looks.


Executives often work in many countries and have complex immigration needs.

Immigration documentation can be complex, and when a company hires employees that need to be positioned around the globe, whether temporarily or long-term, the document requirements can become significantly more challenging. This situation is becoming increasingly common as companies hire and move high-level talent from office to office, from country to country.


Navigating documentation requirements can involve numerous embassies, local hospitals where children are born, local police departments, local universities, and more where globe-trotting executives have lived and worked. This can quickly become frustrating and time-consuming.


This was the case with one of our recent corporate clients who required support for an executive employee who had lived and worked abroad in multiple countries and was applying for US immigration benefits and thus needed everything from a criminal background check to a host of other documentary evidence  as part of their visa application. Because this involved procuring, translating and legalizing multiple police, health and other records from different countries, we worked closely with the company and employees to streamline the process.


This support also extended to the employee’s family, as his wife and children were dual nationals, showcasing how specific an individual client’s needs can be.


Different immigration documentation services needed for global executives

A global documentation service can help you streamline complex immigration processes and save valuable time and effort. Here is how we supported our client with their specific needs and an overview of the bespoke international mobility services we offer for companies and high-level individuals.


Procuring documents, including police records and birth certificates

Knowing what paperwork is necessary, how to obtain it, and which authentication is needed are essential for any company sending employees abroad. The requirements typically include police records, birth certificates, diplomas and more.


In a recent client’s case, we had to obtain police records in each country the employee had lived — three countries in total — which required boots on the ground in each country to physically visit each local police station to obtain the necessary documents. This was possible with a power-of-attorney and was essential to ensuring the employee’s US visa application was processed successfully. 


Because our team provides a centralized but also white glove documentation procurement service across much of the world, corporate clients with high-level executives that need close attention to their immigration trust us to handle while they focus on the immigration application itself.


Legalizing and apostilling documents

In order for the new host country to accept legal documents from around the world as part of the individual’s visa application, those necessary documents usually need to be legalized with an apostille or authentication certificate to make it clear they are official. This involves coordinating with local individuals who are legally trained and certified to authorize or apostille documents.


For the client mentioned above who lived and worked in three different countries, we procured the documentation they needed, ensured they were correctly legalized and send original hard copies to our client to include in their US immigration application. Our team of experts is based around the globe and are used to communicating with consulates and service providers. This was particularly helpful in this case where multiple countries were involved.


Translating documents

Foreign language documents will need to be translated, and that translated copy will often also need to be certified. Some countries require the original document and certified translation to be provided and legalized. If a company sends employees to multiple countries, this would mean working with translators specialized in different languages.


Working with an experienced and specialized immigration document partner provides official translation services as needed. It also guarantees that those translations will be delivered to the highest professional standard and in a timely fashion.


Lex Documents provides bespoke services for companies and executives

By leveraging Lex Documents’ expert team based in over twenty-five countries, we can offer a streamlined approach that eliminates the need for clients to engage with individual service providers in each country. 


Our white-glove service provides a single point of contact for all your needs, and we can even dispatch our team to provide on-the-ground assistance if required. Thanks to our in-house international team, we can ensure that everything is handled professionally, on-time and to the highest standard.


If your company requires specialized assistance handling immigration or business travel documentation for top-level executives, regardless of the number of people or countries involved, Lex Documents can provide white-glove support to meet your needs.


Please reach out to us to find out how Lex Documents can help!

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