Focusing on Social Sustainability as a Global Immigration Service Provider

Sustainability has become a key focus in the global mobility industry, particularly in relation to contractors and service providers in company supply chains. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of human activity on the environment, there is a growing recognition that businesses have a responsibility to minimize their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. This is particularly important in the global mobility sector, where the movement of goods and people has an impact on the environment.


Companies are starting to take a closer look at their supply chains, with a focus on reducing emissions, improving efficiency, and promoting sustainable practices. However, the definition of sustainability isn’t limited to environmental sustainability.


So in an industry that requires using resources by nature, such as relocating employees flying from country to country, or shipping immigration paperwork on planes, boats and trucks, there are still other ways those companies can work towards being sustainable.


The answer is social sustainability. 


This article is going to explore the broader concept of social sustainability, so let’s dive in.


Can global immigration service providers be sustainable?

While some steps can be made towards being environmentally friendly such as driving less, recycling, and using less paper wherever possible, the fact remains that immigration documentation very often still needs to be physically transported around the world. But that doesn’t mean a company can’t be sustainable, because that’s where social sustainability comes in.


What is social sustainability?

At its core, social sustainability focuses on the well-being of individuals. It’s the belief that providing access to essential resources, education, and opportunities, as well as promoting social justice and equality within institutions, will benefit the wider environment and economy. And there is significant evidence that shows just that.


Indeed, social and environmental sustainability have significant impacts on each other. For example, higher levels of education and access to employment allow people to make better environmental choices overall, and a focus on social justice helps ensure that environmental policies do not disproportionately impact marginalized groups.


In order to achieve social sustainability, it is important that companies work towards reducing inequality within their teams and promote a work environment that supports the well-being of all individuals. Both within the company and the wider community. How can companies do that?



How can global immigration suppliers be socially sustainable? 

There are a number of ways companies can be more socially sustainable within the global immigration space. With the right approach, it can also enhance a business’s company culture and reputation, and with it achieve higher productivity and greater success.


Companies that prioritize social sustainability are often regarded more favorably in the marketplace and report a higher employee satisfaction rate, allowing them to both attract and retain the best talent. So here are some goals that immigration suppliers can work towards to become more socially sustainable.


Practice diversity in hiring

By taking care to hire individuals from diverse backgrounds, particularly for executive, management, technical, and board roles, but really across the entire company organizational charge, companies can foster social equity and improve business performance overall. Inclusion has been shown to improve decision-making and risk-taking within the company while fostering a safe and transparent work environment.


Take care of employees’ health and well-being 

Structuring a business to support a healthy work-life balance for your employees, and ensuring their health and safety in the workplace, is a key way to be socially sustainable. There are many different ways to approach work-life balance, but a flexible, safe, and accommodating work environment is more likely to have a diverse and productive team that stays with the company long-term. This not only translates to a happier and healthier team but has a wider social effect as employees have time to engage in their own and their family’s well-being.


Consider your business’s impact on the world

By identifying social issues that align with a supplier’s values and mission, such as contributing to sustainable professional development, openly promoting good labor practices through fair wages, taking a stance on protecting human rights, and so on, a supplier can enhance its reputation, attract talent that aligns in the mission, and, importantly, enhance the company’s reputation. Today, as more large companies are required to take the sustainability of their contractors and partners into consideration when hiring or outsourcing, consumer trust in a supplier’s sustainability practices is paramount.


Though it is difficult for some businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, that doesn’t mean they can’t take steps to be more socially sustainable. 


How Lex Documents is focused on social sustainability

From the beginning, Lex Documents has been focused on developing a more socially sustainable and open work environment for our employees, even before we knew the term social sustainability. Some of the ways that we have been doing this are through diversity in hiring, flexible work arrangements for employees to support their individual family needs and more.


We also always make sure that our employees have manageable workloads with a case manager periodically checking that caseloads are reasonable, so no one in the team is overburdened. We know that overworked employees either leave or stay but remain unhappy, so we want to make sure that our team members are always taken care of, both physically and mentally.


Another way we contribute to this is by making online programs available for employees where they can engage in wellness activities such as meditation and yoga, and through connections outside of work with organized office events. By encouraging our employees to disconnect from work and connect with each other as team members, we’re always looking to foster good company culture and happy and healthy employees.


We’re proud of the steps we have made towards becoming a more socially sustainable business!


Lex Documents can help you with your global immigration documentation, sustainably 

Lex Documents offers services ranging from visa applications and processing to document procurement, legalization, and translation. No matter the service, we are focused on delivering it as sustainably as possible and are constantly working towards a better environment for our clients, our employees, and the world.


We have offices and staff across Europe, North America, and Latin America with expertise in international administration and local and international document management for immigration and global mobility needs.  Whatever your business needs, we can offer a customized service with a single point of contact to navigate complex bureaucratic systems quickly. 


Reach out to us to find out how Lex Documents can help you.

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