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Welcome to our Help Center for documents and Consular Services

This free consultation and information service is designed for:



• Companies and Human Resources departments that carry out mobility and transfer tasks for executives and workers.

• Executives requiring any mobility services.


• Companies that need to legalize and translate documents related to their commercial activities.

• Individuals and families who are relocating to another country for work reasons and require a legal change of residency.

Also, if any of your executives or employees were traveling and the COVID-19 crisis has left them or you stranded somewhere and you have not been able to return to your home, please contact us.

About this service

The world is experiencing an unprecedented global crisis. Governments nearly everywhere in the world have decided that the best strategy for preserving the health of their citizens and avoid the collapse of local health services is to impose quarantine and mandatory isolation measures on most sectors of the economy, including the education system. 

As for other industries, only activities that are deemed essential, such as: health, food, energy and telecommunications, transport and other critical services such as waste collection are still operational.

We are all aware that the COVID-19 crisis will mark a before and after in this contemporary period we are experiencing known as Globalization, of this there’s no doubt,  and as you know, our business is part of that immense chain that forms Globalization.

Our services are essential for companies, executives and people around the world who need to carry out legal procedures to change their residence for different reasons such as work or studies, but also for those who want to explore the world through tourism, one of the world’s largest industries. 

We are aware that the world needs better technological solutions that respond to situations of this depth and for this reason we have created a form that may help answer some of the questions and doubts you may have during this crisis. 

We know that the world needs better technology and solutions to respond to situations of this magnitude and as such we have created a form you can use that can help answer any questions or doubts that you may have as a result of the current situation.

Welcome to our Help Center for documents and Consular Services