How We Helped a Large Company Relocate 60+ Employees to Ireland on a Short Stay C Visa.

While long-term relocations often require lengthy visa applications and the expertise of immigration lawyers, short-term business travel can be quite different. The process is often simple enough for employees to lodge their own applications, but the document requirements often cause complications if they aren’t managed correctly. 


And business travel documentation mistakes can lead to unnecessary delays or even visa denial, which is why many companies often work with immigration documentation specialists. This means that the procurement, translation and legalization of documentation is taken care of.


Our team at Lex Documents recently had the opportunity to assist a large German organization that needed to transfer dozens of employees to Ireland for a short-term assignment and we wanted to share some of the knowledge and insights we gained from this experience.



Moving employees from Germany to Ireland using the Short Stay C business visa

Immigration documentation can be complex, and when a company has a large number of employees that need to be positioned around the globe, whether temporarily or long-term, managing those required documents can become even more challenging.


The company we recently supported was a large global tech company who were in the process of relocating more than sixty of its employees from their German office to the company’s new hub in Ireland. Working on this project was an exciting opportunity to contribute to Ireland’s burgeoning tech sector, which is fast becoming a significant player in the global tech landscape, and support a high-volume relocation project.


Each of the company’s employees required a specific type of business visa known as the Short Stay C. This short-term permit is issued for business-related activities in Ireland, with stays of up to ninety days. This can include attending meetings or conferences, undergoing training, or carrying out other temporary assignments.


Aside from a valid passport and application form, documents that are typically required for a Short Stay C visa include:


  • Proof of Travel Arrangements: Evidence of your travel itinerary including return or onward ticket.
  • Proof of Accommodation in Ireland: Confirmation of where you plan to stay during your visit 
  • Financial Proof: Proof that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in Ireland. This can include bank statements, payslips, etc.
  • Letter from Employer: A letter from your employer confirming you are being sent on business, the nature of your work, and the duration of your stay.
  • Health Insurance: Proof of health/travel insurance for the duration of the stay


If the documents are not originally written in English then they also have to be accompanied by certified translations which need to be included in the application package. 


When business immigration becomes complex or a large volume of applicants and documentation needs to be managed, then working with a documentation partner who is able to offer bespoke white glove services can be highly beneficial.



Here’s how we helped move 60+ employees from Germany to Ireland

We started the process by collaborating closely with the company’s global mobility coordinator and clarified the necessary information and documentation that would need to be gathered — including all of the employee’s passports. Once we were confident that we had all of the necessary documentation and that it was accurate and complete, we proceeded to file all the visa applications with the Irish Consulate on behalf of all those employees. 


The Irish Consulate then reviewed the 60+ applications and, upon approval, stamped each passport to indicate the issuance of the Short Stay C business visas. When we received the stamped passports back from the Consulate, we immediately forwarded them to the respective employees. Having staff on the ground at the Irish consulate in Germany, who are used to navigating consulates, means we can make sure things are processed quickly and smoothly, and keep track of the applications.


Thus, there was minimal work on the company’s side. For the in-house global mobility manager, after they collected the required information and documentation, we took over the entire process, thereby simplifying and streamlining their workload. As for the employees preparing for their business trip to Ireland, their role in the process was relatively straightforward — all they needed to do was provide their passports. 


We handled everything else, allowing them to focus on their work and the upcoming relocation to the Irish office.



Lex Documents streamlines corporate relocation efforts for short-term travel

Our expertise lies in making sure that corporate employee relocations are seamless and well-coordinated. For cases where a short-term business visa is needed, especially for a large group of employees, and there’s no need for an immigration lawyer, Lex Documents handles the procurement of those visas on behalf of the employees.


This includes managing all the necessary documentation and information required for the application, procuring any missing documents — such as an original birth certificate, diploma, or police report — and legalizing or translating any of those documents. This is always carried out to the specific requirements of the destination country and alongside the company.


If your company is planning a large-scale relocation, Lex Documents can simplify the process for you. We handle all of the logistics, enabling you to focus on your core business operations ensuring a smooth transition for all involved. 


Please reach out to us to find out how Lex Documents can help!

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