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The legalization and apostille of documents for use abroad can be slow and sometimes frustrating, but LEX helps you streamline the process and turn a liability into a competitive advantage. 

LEX is your one-stop for your company’s document legalization needs, giving you worldwide reach and a dedicated team of agents and concierges that will handle your requests at a moment’s notice. This way you eliminate the bureaucracy of document legalization while getting speed, agility, and the freedom to focus on your business. 

Type of Documents You Can Legalize
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Police/FBI Reports
  • Educational Certificates/Diplomas
  • Translations
  • Patents
  • Power of Attorney
  • Business Letter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product
  • Business License
  • And more
Who Benefits From Our Services

In today’s globalized world, operations are vital for any company’s survival and LEX is an integral part of the supply chains and recipe for success of some of the world’s top companies and executives including:

  • Consulting Firms
  • Immigration Firms
  • Relocation Companies
  • Travel Companies
  • Multinational companies
  • And more

Why We Do It Better

At LEX we make your life easier and business run smoother by aligning your company’s goals with our own. Your success is our business. 

We are your partner in helping you get more done faster and easier than ever before, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and grow. 

And with us, you’re not just another number. At LEX, your team of dedicated agents and concierges are real people, always on hand to help guarantee success and go the extra mile.

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What is document legalization?

Legalization is the official process of certifying a document so that it is recognized by the legal system of a foreign country. If you or your business requires the use of a document abroad, local authorities must legalize it before considering it valid. Each country has its own legalization requirements determined by the type of document that is legalized and its intended use.

We are your trusted legal document assistant, offering efficient, safe, and fast document legalization services. We additionally offer apostilles for member countries of the HAGUE Convention and consular legalization for countries that are not members of the convention. The authentication of a document is mandatory when the document is to be used outside of its country of origin. To make the document valid abroad, it must follow a specified legalization process according to the type of document and the country of destination. At LEX, we determine the correct path for the legalization of documents and complete the process of legalization on behalf of our clients.

Legalize your Documents in 3 Simple Steps

Legalization of Documents Done Right
  • 1. Send the documentation

    Scan and send via email any documents you want to legalize.

  • 2. Start the process

    Once a LEX expert has verified your documents, we will request the original copies and proceed with legalization procedures.

  • 3. Receive your documents

    LEX will send the documents to your address once they arrive. It’s that simple!

Once you have completed the form, a LEX Documents legalization expert will contact you and quickly and easily legalize your required documents

Why choose LEX?

LEX is a leading global provider of document legalization services. Because we have a global presence, we can quickly obtain and authenticate a wide variety of documents. We help our clients navigate the legalization process so they receive their documents on time and in accordance with the required specifications needed. Our legalization services team is committed to delivering document and immigration services that help our clients streamline the immigration process. We take a pragmatic and agile approach to identifying the correct document legalizations that comply with local and foreign requirements.

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Once we acquire the necessary documents, we also assist our clients with the apostille, consular legalization, and notarial attestation. We use our global network of foreign authorities and governmental institutions to ensure all legalization standards are met, especially for those documents that originate in multiple locations. Our document services team provides a centralized location to provide coordination of multijurisdictional services

LEX can work with you to legalize a variety of documents

Our legalization concierge services are efficient and secure
  • Certificate of origin

  • Power of attorney

  • Certificates of incorporation

  • Work life certificate and CV

  • Criminal record certificates

  • Medical certificates

  • Commercial contracts

  • Academic certificates

  • Certificates of birth, marriage, and divorce

Let us facilitate legal procedures abroad for you or your company

The LEX legalization difference

We provide a wide variety of document legalization services to meet your needs

  • APOSTILLE: An apostille is a certification issued by authorities that authenticates documents for use abroad. The apostille function is to ensure that a document is genuine and valid, and it is required for the following countries.
  • LEGALIZATIONS:  If a document is used in any country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, it must be authenticated by the consulate of the country where it will be used. Legalization is an administrative act that provides validity to a document for use abroad authenticating the signature of the document.
  • TRANSLATIONS: In the case that a foreign government demands the translation of your documents, we can translate them for use by the appropriate embassy or government agency.
  • NOTARIZATION: The notarization authenticates the facts established in a document, and countries usually require it. We provide notarization services to ensure that your important documents are considered valid and legal by the competent authorities.
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Legalization of documents is a multi-step process

While LEX can help you expedite and streamline the request and acquisition process, note that the process is a multi-step one that may require legalization by local authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country, and by the embassy of the country of destination.


Get in touch with a LEX legalization expert to request your document today. We work with each client to understand their needs and will work with you step-by-step to deliver the legal documents you need.

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