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Our Services: What We Do for You

At LEX we know obtaining public records and documents on a global scale can be a bureaucratic nightmare for both companies and individuals. Which is why we offer a white-glove document procurement service, so you can achieve global reach without ever leaving your seat. 

Your dedicated team of agents and concierges can procure any documents you may need, allowing you to steer clear of bureaucracy while giving you speed, agility, and the freedom to focus on your business.

Type of Documents We Procure
  • Birth Certificates 
  • Marriage Certificates 
  • Death Certificates 
  • Police/FBI Reports
  • Educational Certificates/Diplomas 
  • Translations
  • And more 
Who Benefits From Our Services

In today’s globalized world, operations are vital for any company’s survival and LEX is an integral part of the supply chains of some of the world’s top companies and executives including:

  • Consulting Firms 
  • Immigration Firms 
  • Relocation Companies
  • Multinational companies 
  • Travel Companies
  • And more

Why We Do It Better

At LEX we make your life easier and business run smoother by aligning your company’s goals with our own. Your success is our business. 

We are your partner when it comes to helping you get more done faster and easier than ever before, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and grow your business. 

And with us, you’re not just another number. At LEX, your team of dedicated agents and concierges are real people, always on hand to help guarantee success and go the extra mile.

Discovery the LEX Experience. 

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Find out how you can get rid of bureaucracy and supercharge your operations with LEX by signing up for a free consultation below. No strings attached. 

Why Do I Need to Request Documents?

As part of the migratory process, you may be required to present original and authenticated documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational documents, etc. Because you may not have these original documents on hand, you may need to request them. And if you do have them on hand, they may not be properly legalized.

The process to obtain and legalize documents can be a complicated and tedious process. That’s why you need LEX’s document procurement experts on your side.

Our team of professional consultants will help you obtain and authenticate your official documents for immigration purposes. Without the correct official documents, work permits, or visas, your immigration process can be delayed. Our staff is on hand to help simplify the process for you, so you can be assured that you get the documents you need, on time. Once we receive your documents, we can assist you with the apostille, consular legalization, translation, and/or notarial attestation, delivering you peace of mind that all of your immigration documentation needs are taken care of.

Request your documents in 5 simple steps

Professional Procurement Services, Simplified
  • 1. Request Document

    Tell us what document you need.

  • 2. Requirements

    An expert LEX consultant will inform you of all the necessary requirements for the application.

  • 3. Send the documentation

    Our paperless process allows you to scan and send via email old copies of the requested document, your passport, and an authorization.

  • 4. Start the process

    Once LEX verifies your documents, we will initiate the application process

  • 5. Receive your documents

    LEX will send the documents to your address once they arrive. It’s that simple!

Once you have completed the form, a LEX Documents expert will contact you and quickly and easily procure your required documents

Why Choose LEX?

LEX is a leading global provider of document procurement and authentication services for immigration purposes. Document acquisition can be a tedious and complicated process. We help our clients navigate the process so they receive their documents on time and in accordance with the required specifications needed.

Learn more about us

Our document services team is committed to delivering document and immigration services that help our clients streamline the immigration process. We take a pragmatic and agile approach to identifying the correct documents that comply with legal and consular requirements. Once we acquire the necessary documents, we also assist our clients with the apostille, consular legalization, and notarial attestation.

LEX can work with you to request a wide variety of documents

Our document concierge services are efficient and secure
  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Certificates of divorce

  • Power of attorney

  • Criminal record certificates

  • Medical certificates

  • Commercial contracts

  • Academic certificates

  • Certificates of origin

Let us facilitate the application process for you or your company

The LEX procurement difference

We provide a wide variety of document procurement services to meet your needs:

  • ACQUISITION OF ACADEMIC RECORDS:If you need to get any type of academic record as transcripts and diplomas from local universities we can help you.
  • OBTAINING CRIMINAL HISTORY REPORTS, as well as FBI fingerprints, court records, powers of attorney and police reports.
  • ACQUISITION AND REGISTRATION OF CERTIFICATES:We can help you to obtain different types of certificates such as: birth, marriage, death and adoption records.
  • PASSPORT SERVICES:Whether you need to renew expired passports, a replacement for lost or stolen passports or an acquisition of second passports.
  • TRANSLATIONS: Assistance with official document translation services.
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Requesting your documents is a multi-step process

While LEX can help you expedite and streamline the request and acquisition process, note that the process is a multi-step one and delivery and authentication times can vary based on document type and country of origin. Knowing what your document will be used for can help expedite the process.


Get in touch with a LEX document consultant to request your document today. We work with each client to understand their needs and will work with you step-by-step to deliver what you need.