Tech Nation Report 2018

The Tech Nation Report 2018 has been published this week. Highlighting both the successes of the UK’s technology industry and the challenges it faces in the last year.

It is clear that the digital technology sector is on the rise. It grows 2.6 times faster than the whole of the UK economy. It is estimated that it will represent almost 184 billion pounds for the United Kingdom, this is an increase of 170 billion compared to 2016. London is the second most connected technological ecosystem in the world, far behind Silicon Valley. It can be considered that London is a world technological leader.

33% of the clientele of technology companies in the United Kingdom have their headquarters outside the United Kingdom. Only 7% of Beijing technology companies are based outside of China.

El informe destaca que los empleos que proporciona la industria tecnológica están en aumentando. El empleo digital creció entre 2014 y 2017 un 13,2% y que el salario medio de los trabajadores tecnológicos del Reino Unido es de 43.578,00 libras anuales. Esto demuestra la consolidación del sector. En el informe también se destaca que entre los desafíos de este tipo de empresas están relacionados con el acceso al talento y con el Brexit. El 55% de las empresas de tecnología destacaron que es una gran preocupación el acceso al talento.

The report highlights that the jobs provided by the technology industry are increasing. Digital employment grew by 13.2% between 2014 and 2017 and the average wage of technological workers in the United Kingdom is 43,578.00 pounds per year. This shows the consolidation of the sector. The report also highlights that among the challenges of this type of companies are related to access to talent and Brexit. 55% of technology companies stressed that access to talent is a big concern.

It is necessary to refer in a special way that there is a lack of gender diversity in the sector. The female digital technology workforce is only 19%. However ethnic diversity is the highest in the United Kingdom. The average age of the workers is 35 years, which challenges the perceived barrier of millennial age.

Despite the Brexit, the report indicates the need for recruitment outside the United Kingdom. 54% employees of technology companies in London were born abroad. International recruitment helps fill gaps, while training local digital talents. Once the employer’s license application has been approved by the Ministry of the Interior, the employer can begin the process of seeking and hiring non-EEA citizens. From that moment, there are several visa options available. The Level 2 and the Level 1.

  • Level 2: Allows skilled workers to enter the United Kingdom for a period of time to cover a qualified job vacancy or for employees of a multinational to move to a branch in the United Kingdom. The Government also recognizes the shortage of employees with technological skills by including a series of technological jobs on the list of Shortage Occupations. This means that the employer does not need to advertise the job in the established job market.
  • Level 1: Are for entrepreneurs or investors with significant commercial funds to invest or establish a business in the United Kingdom, university graduates with a business plan backed by the right organization and the few people internationally recognized as exceptional, talent or promise in their field . This is a very popular option among international graduates.

In autumn a new simplified procedure will come into force through an application.

People who arrive before December 31, 2020, but have not lived legally in the United Kingdom for 5 years when the country leaves the European Union, may apply to stay in the United Kingdom until they have reached the 5 year limit, then they can run for an established status.

The key idea for technology employers is: Do not be afraid to consider international talents from abroad and already in the UK to fill positions and help train local talents.

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