Why Business Travel Consultants Should Have an Immigration Documentation Partner

In today’s interconnected business world, companies often need to organize international travel for employees, whether for a short-term business trip or a longer-term relocation. Thus, inevitably, they are met with the complexities of global business immigration.


Business travel consultants are uniquely positioned to provide global business visa support to their corporate clients without necessarily being visa-focused themselves.


This article is going to discuss some straightforward ways travel consultants can assist their corporate clients by providing added value and a more complete global immigration service package without having to build a network from scratch or work with multiple providers. Let’s jump in.



3 simple ways business travel consultants can support corporate clients with global immigration services

There are a number of ways travel firms can support corporate clients with global immigration needs, whether they already have international clients or want to market to, and eventually serve, international clients going forward. Here are three global immigration services that those working in business travel consulting can offer.


1. Help secure your clients’ business visitor visas around the world

One of the initial challenges for corporate and business travelers is obtaining the appropriate work visa to enter a foreign country. These may even need to be requested for a large number of employees at the same time.


Each country has its own set of rules and documentation required for business visitor visas. These visa applications don’t usually require a lawyer but can require information and documentation and that is easy to make a mistake on when done by people who aren’t experts. 


By partnering with experts, travel companies can offer their clients up-to-date knowledge of current visa application procedures and guide their corporate clients through the application maze, ensuring that all documentation is accurately completed and submitted in a timely fashion. They can also help clients monitor the status of their visa applications and provide crucial updates on any changes or updates.


 It’s a simple, important, and really valuable added service that saves the client time and helps ensure they get it right ensuring smooth travel.


2. Help companies coordinate document legalization or authentication

Depending on the country and the type of documents required for a work visa, there might be a need for that document to either be legalized or authenticated. This could be anything from academic certificates to birth or marriage certificates if they are bringing a family member with them to anything else that might be important to secure the visa. These documents might need to be procured in the prospective employee’s home country but may need to have an added layer of certification, whether an apostille or other authentication. 


By partnering with experts, who are used to dealing with foreign embassies and consulates, and who know how to work with document authentication and certification around the world, 

business travel consulting firms can offer a streamlined and expedited legalization process to their clients, saving companies time and money. 


3. Help companies translate documents

Some documents such as diplomas or criminal records may need to be translated if they are in a different language from the destination country, these translations may also need to be certified by an approved professional. 


While some companies and individuals may want to manage these translations themselves, some required visa documents, such as legal documents will always need to be handled by a professional. 


Ideally, you don’t want to work with multiple translation professionals in different countries and for different languages, but rather with a company that provides translation services for many languages. Business travel consulting firms can partner with a professional translation service provider to offer a complete package to their clients and guarantee that translations meet the high standards required for a business visa. 



Partnering with Lex Documents can help business travel consultants support international clients 

While some business travel consulting firms may want to figure out how to provide the services mentioned above, this isn’t necessarily the most efficient route. 


Partnering with a trusted company with global expertise and a team capable of delivering a comprehensive international package to your clients may be a better option. This way, you as a travel advisor can help your clients with short-term work visas, official documents, and translations without learning new skills or expanding your team. That’s where Lex Documents comes into play.


We team up with business travel consultants and firms to simplify visa and international document procedures. We can help with business visa applications, getting documents legalized, translating paperwork into different languages, even supporting your clients during consular visits, and more. Plus, it’s all bundled into one easy contract for your client with a single point of contact.


Contact us to find out how Lex Documents can help you build a complete service package for your clients.

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